Sunday, January 5, 2014

Addendum to best Christmas present ever

So I really wanted to do a super cute picture like this, but professional photographer, I am not!  And with a wobbly one month old, a small box and lots of chaos, this is the best we could do.  Don't think it will go out on the baby announcements (which still need to be done - it's okay to send them when the baby is 2 months old, right?) (but maybe if I send Clara's First Communion announcement around the same time, it won't seem so bad - that will be over 6 months late!)

Anyhow, here are some other shots to show you what else was going on as we tried to get the "money shot" of our sweet baby.  Oh - and it was Christmas Eve!

 If only her whole face made the picture and her burp cloth wasn't in there clashing with her outfit (which ideally would have been some cute Christmas thing!)

JM sitting on his favorite vehicle (will MK get to drive it?) -the Jeep, which we had to put new batteries in just days before.  Because it's important to get out all of your old toys just before Christmas, right?  Anyhow, he is sitting on it because he is "writing" his letter to Santa.  I think it was mostly a picture this year and sister Clara may have written what he wanted.  

And, finally, before bedtime, Mike had all of the kids take a picture with Mary Kate.  I love how each picture shows their personality! 
 Clara - so happy, loving her new sister and confident in taking care of her!
 Gracie - loving her new sister too, but definitely the protective one!
JM - loves his new sister, but it's a challenge to hold her (and hold still!) for too long.  More fun to sneak up and plant kisses on her!


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