Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting back on track??

I know it's been a long time since I've regularly posted on the blog, but life has been a little crazy.  I'm realizing now that there is no waiting for a "better" time - the kids might be grown and having kids of their own if I wait to start writing again. So here goes!

Life is like a big science experiment around here - literally.  Gracie and Clara are both working on their science fair projects for school (aggh!), John Michael decided he wanted to do an experiment, too (although I think it has changed to a building project using his new to him toolbox (it was Mike's Dad's) that Mike filled with toys for Christmas.  And then there is Mary Kate - -she's into testing gravity - both by throwing everything out of drawers and cabinets and seeing what happens when she leans off of the ottoman she has climbed on.

Climbing is a big deal for MK these days.  She is still working on walking - she cruises along just about anything and can stand up without holding on to anything for about 10 seconds.  But one of her favorite things to do is scramble up onto anything she can - ottomans, stools, kid chairs, kid tables.  The higher she can get, the better.  And she's so funny once she does climb up - if she is sitting on the ottoman, she folds her hands at her belly and gives you this big grin like she is so pleased with herself.  Here's an example: