Friday, January 20, 2012

A little bit of everything...

It's been so long since I've written that this will just be whatever I happen to think of, what pictures I stumble upon, etc.

Gracie's funnies from the last week. 
"I don't want Clara reading my journal.  I was examining my conscious."
"Here's the car we should get Mommy, the 'posh'" (can you guess which car she really meant?  Here's a hint: she has good, but expensive taste.  Hmmmm, wonder who she gets the expensive part from???)
And yes, we are looking for a new car.  Mike is fine, but our Camry is not.  A few weeks ago someone side-swiped him (and pushed him off the road) as he was on his way home.  So we are car shopping a few years earlier than we had planned.  But we are lucky enough to have the luxurious Lexus from Mom while we are looking.  Thank you, Mom!!! Otherwise we would all be getting up very early to take Mikey to the bus stop - I can't imagine that would be a lot of fun. 
Train-mania continues from JM.  He loves his new Polar Express (a real electric Lionel train) that Santa brought him, but he still wishes for a "real" train to drive.  He's going to have to keep on wishing that wish!  He did get to ride on a train last week, though. The 'PBS' train according to him.  It was actually the TRE train from Fort Worth to Dallas.  And he got to ride on DART (the Dallas Light Rail).  Gracie and I had taken the train over to Dallas on a Saturday and drove Mom's extra car home. That was the last train riding I had planned to do for awhile, but when you leave your iPhone on the seat of DART, you ended up traveling back to Dallas and over to the DART Lost and Found.  So lucky that someone turned it in, and JM got to reap the benefit of several extra rides on DART as we went to the station where the phone was and then back out to the station by Mimi's.  Here's a shot of him on the light rail:

Does that boy look happy or what?

And this is on the "nightime diesel train" because we stayed and played with Mimi all day.  The poor guy was really wanting to sleep, but of course it is nice and bright on the light rail and train for safety.  As soon as we got in the car to drive home, he was out like a light.  And this day of train riding just fueled his love of trains and his stories about trains!  

 And here is what he is looking like today. 

He gets big points for getting dressed himself because we were in such a hurry to get to school this morning (what morning are we not in a hurry???), but do you notice anything strange about his outfit???

JM's funny - and he's been saying this for a few months now... "giamantous"  - I love this word!  The girls keep trying to correct him, but I keep telling them not to.  That's not bad, right?  I also keep asking him about his "wittel wegs."  When we were walking a lot a few weeks ago, he told me I needed to carry him because his "wittel wegs were ty-ud."

And last but not least, Clara-bear.  She's had the run of bad luck with sickness - first a horrible stretch of MRSA in her "girl parts" that had her missing two weeks of school and now she's struggling to get rid of an ear infection.  As much as she loves her teacher this year, missing all of this school just made her want to stay home more.  Unlike Gracie, she has really struggled with being at school all day - she says she misses me and that "school takes up all of my time."  Not much I can say to contradict that, but I hope next year will be easier for her since she will be older.

Here she is on her new bike at her birthday in August- all the fancy touches on it are from Aunt Sue and Uncle Todd.  Who I don't ever got a proper thank you, so here it is. She just loves the basket, the streamers and the spoke beads! 
And looking at this picture reminds me that it was an extra special birthday celebration because Mimi, Aunt J and most especially, Alex! were able to be at her party.

Lately, Clara's passion has been Super Mario Brothers.  Santa brought a Wii for Gracie and Clara and Clara just loves this game!!  Unfortunately, there is not a lot of time in the day to play it (on school days), so we have had a few teary nights when she is denied Mario. But, when Mimi was over this weekend and Mike and I went car hunting, we came back home to discover them both playing!!

Okay - lots more to say, but it's time to take Gracie to her Dentist appt. (just a checkup). Hopefully, I'll get back to blogging more regularly! I know there are more photos I want to share and always funny stories.  Like about the "circus" show Mike & I got to watch before dinner last night ....