Saturday, April 2, 2011

Guest Post - Strawberries!!!

It was spring scrapbooking weekend so it must be time to pick Strawberries! We always stop at the park in Godley on the way home - always means that we went there last time.  We always get 2 big baskets and one small basket for JM - except this year we all had big baskets.  At least we all picked red strawberries this year.  We always take the county roads with the water crossings and make the car go Splash!  We always do the big dip in the road that makes the car feel like a roller coaster and then talk about all the rides at 6 Flags.

Guest Post by Dada.

We Started picking on Row 4! But we switched to row 3 and 5 a lot because the strawberries are always redder and bigger and more of them on the next row over.

Look at the Camera this time!

Take a Picture by the Grasshopper!Coco came too!

I ate a couple few while I was picking! Don't put this picture on the Blog Daddy! My brother JM had even more strawberry juice on his face but he xcaped the picture.

Take my picture by the giant Strawberry!

Take my picture too!

I am going to drive for a couple minutes!

I want my picture by the red truck instead. I wish it could go somewhere!