Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some gems from my kids today

In the midst of Dad being in the hospital in Houston and not doing so well (pneumonia again), it was great to come home & have the kids (and my hubby) remind me of how funny they can (unintentionally) be.

So the first is from JM.  Mike always teases JM and says he is going to play with JM's toys after JM goes to sleep.  So tonight Mike asked JM - "Can I play with your train tonight?" 
"Can Mommy play with your train after you go to bed?"

"No!  The groundups have to stay in bed tonight - no playing with my train." 

Certainly, there are days we feel "groundup" instead of grown up, so we got a good laugh from that.

Then just a few minutes later, Mike made a comment about the expired lunchmeat that I had put in the trash can (he had meant to throw it away last night, but then put it back in the fridge "for some reason").  Well, when the kids and I were ready to have our picnic today, good thing I noticed that the main course of ham  seemed a little off, so we ate crackers, applesauce and grapes and then went and got a cookie! But anyhow, back to Clara's funny comment. I told Mike that I, too, had decided the ham was done, "it had bitten the dust."  Then Clara asked, "What does that mean - it bites the duck?????"  So then Mike started with "Another one bites the duck... another one bites the duck..."  And I addedd "Quack, quack!!" 

That's all I've got for tonight.  Oh - and a couple of cute pictures, just for fun.  Lots to put on the blog about our last few months, hopefully I'll get a chance soon. 

 Getting ready for Donuts for Dad and Field Day on the last Monday of the school year
 JM with his Little Gym medal - so excited about that medal!  He has had to "borrow" from his sisters until now.
 Clara finds the largest clump of crushed limestone in our 16cy pile.  (more on our crazy landscape project later)
 Gracie showing off the stack of "little, quick pictures" that the campers did during art camp! 
Clara at the art camp reception posting next to her layered picture (the yellow one). They had an awesome time at art camp (thank you Mimi & Pap!) and are already excited about next year!