Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Funny & Sweet

So of course, many, many things have happened since I last posted, but here are a few of our latest funnies, along with some recent pictures!

Clara - she had an Easter egg hunt at one of her classmate's grandparents' house & they have a lake, lots of property, etc.  I was asking her about it & she was telling me about all of the land, the "lake" and then of course, the "gardener" snake!  (I couldn't help picturing a little snake with his hat & gloves on!).

JM - I have to preface this by saying I don't know what the deal is, but none of our kids seem to know what bugs are what.  Clara will scream - there's a mosquito and I will come out and see a fly!  Then next time it will be "there's a fly" when it's a gnat, etc., etc.  Well - this was a new one over the weekend.  JM had just gotten up and apparently there was a "mosp" on our refrigerator!  Yikes!  Watch out for those "mosps"  (and he kept repeating it!!

Gracie - just 'cause I can't leave her out!  She's really beyond most of these types of mistakes, but now I guess she has moved into the arena of the wrong definition for words.  We were talking about the story of the Emperor's New Clothes (Mike had "dressed" JM in an invisible sleeper to tease me -- it was hot & I was in the other room saying things like - don't put him in that, it's too warm for that).  Anyway, I didn't think I had ever read that story to the kids.  The only way I had ever heard it was from a Golden Book that we had on record when I was little.  So I asked Gracie about it and she said she "vividly" remembered it.  I didn't think much about it when she first said that, but then I questioned her on it.  Apparently, she thought vividly=vaguely!  Too funny.

And finally, JM always has funny things to say since he is the youngest.  So here is the sweet & funny that I got to hear one night.  We were reading a book about the Earth & Sky.  It is a neat book, but there is a lot of it that is too complicated for him to understand, so I was reading a little here and there and we were looking at the pictures.  It has those clear pages with different drawings on them that you overlay on the other pages, so that is one reason I think he likes it so much.  Anyhow, we were looking at the page showing the layers of the earth and then the next page shows the molten core coming out as lava from a volcano.  That prompted JM to say "if you are near a volcano and lava starts to come out, you need to run away fast or you will be toast!"  He was awfully serious when he said it, so I asked him if he knew what being toast meant?  He definitely thought it was something to do with bread in the toaster!!!  It was hard not too laugh!

Then a few pages later, it was showing the phases of the moon.  I pointed out the full moon, the crescent moon and no moon and was just wondering if I should read more detail, when JM explained how it all worked to me.  "Every night, a little bit of the moon disappears and when it is all gone, God makes a new one!"  Pretty sweet - I didn't bother correcting him on that one!

 Cubes for JM's new train table that Mike built him!

Adding to the sandbox in the backyard.  Mike put them to work this time, shoveling their own sand! 
And finally, just this past weekend, working on those Easter Eggs:
More on a great Easter weekend tomorrow! (or maybe I'll go back and do Christmas & Easter at the same time!!)