Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clara's Birthday?

Okay, so I'm not so far behind that I'm posting about last August...But we did have a 5-1/2 birthday party for Clara in April.  We had promised her a "big" party like Gracie had in kindergarten, but she hadn't even started school when her actual 5th birthday rolled around.  So we decided to wait until the spring and celebrate then (and she didn't want to wait until this coming fall).

We planned a party at the Little Gym, and I have to say, we've really loved having the girls' parties there.  It was so easy and everything is done so well.  I didn't even have to load the presents into the car - they had them loaded in the van before the party was even over. 

Anyhow, the pictures speak volumes.  Check out all of the happy faces. 

JM's Buddy!

Check out my friend's blog to see what John Michael was up to last week: 

Jump Rope (for Gracie) for Hearts!

All of the first graders warming up for their day of Jump Rope for Hearts
High-flying Gracie practicing while her best friend and jump rope partner, Kareth looks on.
Kareth getting in some warm-up time (Gracie was super excited, can you tell?)
Kareth & Gracie in the middle of their routine!  They did a great job.  Thank you to everyone who supported Gracie & this organization.  She was really excited about raising money to help the kids!

So back in April ...

John Michael turned 3!  (April 5th, to be exact).  He had a great birthday, and I think the girls had almost as much fun planning our "party" as he did opening and receiving all of the great presents.

But first things first, after the girls got him up and screamed "Happy Birthday" to him, John Michael and I got down to the serious business of making his dairy free cake.  He was quite the helper:
 Finally, when Daddy came home it was present time!  We had to get those out of the way before even dinner or the cake!
Clara was quite the helper with the presents, and she was not easily deterred, even after several warning shrieks from John Michael.  I bet next year he won't let her get a finger on *any* of his presents!

JM was thrilled with all of his presents.  He got a bat and a bunch of whiffle balls, a mini-sized basketball, some Bob the Builder vehicles and several other things that I can't remember right now!

 His Aunt Sue and Uncle Todd sent the awesome-big enough to sit in-Tonka Dump Truck.   I can't find a picture right now, but he's conned his sister Clara into make it nice and cozy with a blankie and then pushing him around in it.  Must be payback for all of the present opening assistance!

Another favorite on the present front were his "kitties."  The Stebbins family sent baby kitty and Grandma & Grandpa's birthday money was used to purchase the bigger "Mama" kitty.

The birthday was fun, but fast.  We had hamburgers and sweet potato fries for dinner and finished things off with the fire engine cake.

He's just like his Daddy - already planning his next birthday, trying to see how many he can fit in during the year.  He informed me the other day, "we'll have my next birthday tomorrow, okay??"