Saturday, July 8, 2017

Long time, no ... type

Well, nothing like a broken foot to make sure there is time to finally, finally, finally, write another blog post.

The gang (Mike, G, C, JM and MK) are out in the backyard watering hole.  Shelly and Coco run outer ring patrol - Shelly gets so excited now when she sees someone put a swimsuit on.  Not sure why exactly - we don't let them in the fenced area of the swimming pool.  A few years ago (5?) when we (i.e., Mike and one of kids) were wrangling the Intex pool into place every year and then collapsing it in September, we didn't have a fence around it.  Well, even though we pulled the cover across it after swimming (every time!), it always seemed to "blow off."  I couldn't believe that was what was really happening.  And then one morning, I looked out and saw Coco - emerging from under the pool cover.  I guess the dogs were jumping in to cool down.  And the mystery of the cover removal was solved!  The next day we put up a fence around the pool.  I guess we are lucky that Coco is a lab and good at swimming.  It was a scary sight to see her come from under that and realize that she easily could have gotten trapped.

So, fast forward a few years and we now have a "new to us" above ground steel pool.  It's maybe not the prettiest site, but it is absolutely welcome relief to a Texas summer.  It is a rare summer day that someone doesn't swim and 90% of the time it is all of us (me being the exception right now - I'd love to, but until I can put some weight on my foot, I don't feel up to navigating the yard and then stairs to the pool.  I'm hoping another week or so and I will be out there, too.).  This is our third summer with the pool and I think it's been the best year yet.  It stayed relatively clean over the winter and wasn't too tough to get ready for the first swim.  It also stayed really clean while we were in Colorado for a week (it did get covered though since we have so many trees that overhang it).  The worst part this year was the animal retrieval I had to do .... ack!  Of course, when Mike was gone, we go out to swim and see ... 2 squirrels that discovered they couldn't swim.  Ick, ick. Poor guys,  but at least that's the first time that's happened.  When I googled about this (trying to figure out if we need to throw some disinfectant in the pool or what), I decided we were lucky it was just squirrels.  If you're  bored, just google animals in swimming pool.  yuck!  Anyhow, even though the internet (and Mike) said we would be fine to swim, we decided to throw some more cholrine in the pool and call it a day. 

Well, this wouldn't be a very good post without pictures, so I'll throw a few in. 

It's a throwback day, I guess.  2 years ago, July 2015.  Although, I will say, Mike and the kids were doing the same thing earlier this week - hanging out at the 4th of July parade in Burleson.  Always hot, hot, hot.  And ... fun.  For the kids.  I think.  Especially humid this year Mike told me since we had thunderstorms that morning and the parade was delayed until 10am.  And it wasn't over until 11:30? Some hot kids once they got home.  But anyhow, here they are 2 years ago.  Love the one of MK & Mike!

And of course, what else do we do in the summer? Swim! And I guess I must have just gotten the kids new goggles.  (why else would they be wearing them in the house????).  But here the goofballs are, ready to swim, 2 summers ago.  

And you can see,  we had some wooden steps up to the pool - those had come with the pool.  We've "upgraded" and Mike has built steps and an elevated deck around one side of the pool.  And I bought an umbrella for the table (just in case you thought Mike was the only one making improvements around the house.  Of course, my improvements usually only include two steps - 1) Go purchase at store 2) Bring home and "install".) But pictures of those improvements to come.  As soon as I can hobble outside!