Friday, August 26, 2011

Snippets of life

Some of the funnier things that have happened over the last few weeks:

John Michael has fallen in *love* with the "socks" that are available at Payless for trying on shoes.  I threw them away after our first visit when he discovered them for the first time.  He asked for them several times at home, but I just pretended not to hear him (nice Mommy trick, right?).  We were in Payless again today & he kept asking "where are the socks, where are the socks?"  I snagged a pair and am saving them for a future distraction technique.  He likes to put them on, then put on his flip flops and run.  They make you "weally fast!"  (and just in case it's not clear, those "socks" he likes, they are the little pantyhose footies... nice, huh???)

Our new dog, Shelly, likes to leave monkey guts & parrot guts lying all over the house.  So if you are over & notice white stuffing all over the house, you'll know who the culprit is.  Also, crayons are particularly tasty in her opinion.  Check out that tail that just curls into the perfect C - you have to watch out when she starts whipping it around though - especially if she's recently had a dip in the pool! 

My favorite "funny" of the week:
After months of hot (>100 degrees) dry weather, with a yard full of branches, brown leaves and dirt, what should you do if you want to be outside riding a bike or running on the path around the house when a strong wind (really strong!) starts gusting and blowing all of the above around?   Run inside, fetch your swim goggles and proceed to ride/run/walk/play outside again to your heart's content regardless of wind, blowing leaves, sticks, and dust.  All siblings should follow suit, while Mother collapses in giggles outside.  Too bad I missed the photo opp!